Bentley Car Leather

Bentley car leather

A British Brand and Motoring history, the ultimate in Luxury and design.

Bentley car leather on all classic cars were made using Connolly leather hides

The average Bentley has around 18 full hides to make a full interior, all hand selected to deliver the finest leather finish in the world.

Connolly leather is probably the most famous brand of leather in the world, it’s made in such a way that all hides are left brown on the reverse and the surface is coated with colour to give it its world renowned luxurious finish.

Hides used in Bentley and the likes of Rolls Royce came from Scandinavia where climate conditions were believed to be the perfect place for the cattle.

The reason why Scandinavia was chosen as the place to source hides from was because due to extreme weather conditions the cattle spent most of their lives inside, resulting in much finer and better-quality hides.

The largest hides came from Southern Germany and was said to be 120sq ft the largest Connolly had ever seen.

The car hides Connolly used were known as Vaumol and upholstery hides were known as Wandle.

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Example Bentley Car Leather Colours

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