What Is Calfskin?


Calfskin Hide

Calfskin Hide


Calfskin is from younger cattle, it’s one of the highest leathers around. The Calfskin is much former and of finer character.

Calfskin has a greater number of hair follicles compared to fully grown cattle.

Calf leather is used in many areas and can be standard pigmented, nappa or even aniline leather. Calf skin can come without dye as well producing a calf crust.

Calf is commonly used for high quality goods such as skirts, leather jackets, shoes, wallets and other luxury goods.

The fashion industry sometimes refers to calf as Veau Volours this is French for Velvet Calf.

Calf leather are having around 3 times more pores than that of fully-grown cattle making it a more luxurious hide than cattle skins.

Telling the difference between calf and cattle leather can be done by looking at the hide. The hair follicles on calf are much finer and a great deal more of them will be present on calfskin compared to cow leather, it’s much softer to touch and has an almost elasticity effect to it.

Patent leather shoes are commonly calf that’s then given a very high gloss finish. Seth Boyden invented patent leather in 1818, this is a lacquer process based on linseed oil.

Patent Leather Calfskin

Grenson  Patent Leather Shoes




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