What is crust leather?


Crust Leather Shoes

Crust Leather Shoes


The Naked Leather known as Crust Aniline Leather are veg tanned leathers that have had no dyeing process applied.

A crust aniline is leather which has been tanned (treated to become non-perishable) but not coloured or finished in any way.

Crust leathers are very difficult leathers for cleaning due to zero surface finish as they are only dried and left with no surface coating or protection.

When used on upholstery it’s given more generic terms, unprotected leather, pure aniline leather, or even some call it naked leather.

Looking at crust through a microscope is fascinating, you will see the full natural markings of the skin and hair follicles, this will also show you there is no colouring on this skin and that it received no dye either.

It gains its colouring naturally from day light and UV rays, some call this natural patina. As this ages, the colours will be uneven and look stunning.

Great care must be taken with this type of skin so plenty of food must be applied in the form of protection creams to protect against stains and bodily fluids.

crust leather skins

Crust Skins / hides

Another form of crust is vachetta leather as used on LV handbags and cases, its the small leather edges and bases, in most cases that’s the only genuine leather on a LV bag or case.

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