What is Daimler Leather?



Daimler Logo

Daimler Logo


Until 1920 Daimler Motor Company was an independently owned British manufacturer.

Daimler was owned by Jaguar cars from 1960, when Jaguar Cars was split off from British Leyland in 1984 it retained the Daimler company and brand.

A great deal of Daimler interiors was finished in Connolly Leather.

Daimler had a large range of cars, but not all were always finished with Connolly leather, some of the Daimlers higher end cars had aniline leather seats this type of seating provided a very luxurious touch and feel.

Daimler was originally invented by a German called Gottlieb Daimler founded in 1896.

Under the banner of Daimler they don’t just produce motor cars, they produce trucks and buses as well.

Daimler interiors were regarded as some of the finest in its days and the cars with them in covered in the finest leathers known to mankind.

From luxurious seating to door cards and handbrakes and gear shifts all covered in the finest leathers possible.

Daimler produced some stunning sports cars as well as many elegant looking cars and vanden plas models. Vanden Plas was a body builder for up market car producers.


Daimler Vanden Plas

Daimler Vanden Plas

Cleaning and care for Daimler leather is the same as standard leather cleaning, the only leather that requires a different approach is the aniline leather interiors.


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