What is Deerskin Leather?



Deerskin Hair On Hide

Deerskin Hair On Hide From Norway.

Deerskin Leather is a soft pore leather mainly used in the leather clothing industry but can also be used on handbags and moccasins. It’s a product that’s worn by native Americans giving protection to feet and as clothing.

The traditional white tailed deer has increased in population from the 1900’s from 500,000 to over 25 million today.

There are around 5 different main species of Deer in the world, but what may surprise you is there are over 60 different sub species of deer in the world today.

The five main species of deer include the White Tailed Deer, Elk, Moose, Caribou Deer and the Mule Deer.

Deerskin comes in a variety of different finishes from natural to a pigment coated finish, to hair on hides and aniline finishes.


Deer Finished Leather Hide

Deerskin Finished Leather Hide

Deerskins can come in a variety of finishes as follows, finished grain leather, aniline dyed naked crust leathers, suede, hair on hides, veg tanned leather, buckskin which has abraded grain.

Deerskins are super soft and supple and even when wet they are still breathable and very flexible and dry back to a natural state just as super soft and supple.

Deer Suede Leather Shoes

Deerskin Suede Leather Shoes

Deerskin is used in clothing, handbags, wallets, shoes, as ornaments to hang on walls as hair on hides, as hair on hide rugs. It’s considered a luxurious item that has a luxury feel and touch to it. It’s used by fashion houses for designer handbags, accessories and clothing.

White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer

Taking care of a finished deerskin is the same as taking care of an aniline leather, always making sure that when it’s cleaned the full surface is cleaned and wet and then left to naturally dry on its own back its usual soft supple finish.

Chamois leathers are made from split leathers using different animals including deerskin leather, sheep leather, antelope leather, goat leather and lamb leather. This is why chamois leathers have that slippery wet feel to them when wet but dry back to a super soft supple leather again after use.


Deerskin Close Up Leather Hair On Hide

Deerskin Close Up Leather Hair On Hide

Deerskin Hide Reverse

Deerskin Hide Reverse

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