What Are Distributors?


Distributors are people who stock and distribute a range of leather care, repairs and restoration products.

There can be non exclusive distributorship agreements for a particular area or a country along with exclusive distributorships for a country or region.

Distributors of leather care, repair and restoration products can be people who stock some products or all of a products range.

Distributors who stock part of a range will always look to add the complete line of products at sometime in the future.

Distributors rely upon the head office for back up and support to help them grow a business and the level of support given is dependant up on the distributorship agreement in place and agreed to.

Distributors can either be an existing business or a brand new business set up to manage the distributorship agreement and supply of leather care, repair and restoration products.

Some distributors will use an existing website, while others will set up a dedicated website just for the supply of the leather care, repair and restoration products.

A Distributor can gain access to closed help groups on repairs and restoration as well as closed groups for help with distributorship of the products along with closed marketing groups.

Distributors enjoy the benefits of free advertising materials like brochures, flyers, banners and much more, along with access to videos to help with products and restoration of leather.

Distributors aims are to gain stockists of leather care, repair and restoration products in a chosen area or country, they will also provide help directly to the stockists they obtain as well as provide training courses to people who are looking at being stockists.

Leather repair and restoration training courses can be provided directly in the chosen country a distributor has control over.

Distributor locations.

Leather Repair Company Finland

Leather Repair Company Belgium

Leather Repair Company USA

Leather Repair Company Canada

Leather Repair Company Puerto Rico

To become a stockist in your country and to see details of how this happens and to apply to be a leather care, repair and restoration distributor.

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