What Are Dog Collars?


Dog Collar

Dog Collar


Leather pets collars are what is used to go around a dogs neck to take a dog for walks safely.

Perts collars are made from cow hide which is full grain leather.

Dog collars have become a fashion item for pet lovers with some have diamonds placed in them and different colours.

Dog Collar Buckle End

Collar Buckle End

Nylon webbing is the next most used item for dog collars due to its strength and durability.

Pet lovers spend big money on dog accessories, the worlds most expensive dog collar is worth $1.8 million encrusted with 52 carat diamonds it’s a pets collar with crocodile leather and platinum.

There are many different types of leather dog collars on the market today, the most common versions are buckle collars this is where the dog collar has a buckle to adjust the size to fit the pet.

A common list of pets collar types are.

Buckle collars

Stud Collars

Break Away Collars

Lighted Collars

Stretch Collars.

Pets collars can be broken as dogs can chew them and they can be repaired if they are leather, if they are not genuine leather then its a different story. Leather collars can suffer from sweat, grease grime and dirt from daily use and they can break down, pets collars in leather can be costly and these can be re dyed with pigment paints to bring them back to life again.


Dog Collar Broken

Collar Broken

Repairs can be carried out by letting in new leather to existing collars to make them usable again.

Cleaning of leather collars can be done with a natural leather cleaner to remove dirt and grime to help prevent them from becoming weak and destroyed.

Dog Collar and Buckle

Collar and Buckle

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