ECO Friendly Leather Repairs?


What can be classed as ECO Friendly Leather Repairs?

When you carry out eco friendly leather repairs this involves everything within the business chain.

It’s not just about using ECO friendly products, you must consider everything that you are doing from your packaging, the materials you are using to the type of vehicle you are driving.

All these factors have an impact on your carbon footprint, a great deal of thought must go into a company to enable it to reduce its carbon footprint significantly to make an impact on the environment.

Some people return bottles to be re filled, this is a great way to help with being eco friendly. But this does add even more costs as shipping charges are costly and your using vehicles that possibly are not electric.

Consider your waste materials and how to handle disposal of chemicals from carrying out any cleaning process.

Consider materials that are from a sustainable source, that are naturally bio degradable, again this has a positive impact on the environment and is a great way to promote eco friendly repairs.

Reducing the number of plastics used within a business is an important role decision to make, but this does not mean its going to cost you less, in most cases being eco-friendly and green costs you more expenses than you could imagine as it costs more to be green.

It’s the same with humans it costs more to be healthy than it does not to be, but it doesn’t always have to cost to be healthy its free to walk, run, cycle or take a swim.

When you start up a business or look at changing suppliers think carefully how you will handle all your eco friendly leather repairs.

Protecting the planet and reducing your carbon footprint is essential to protect mother earth for generations to come.

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