What Is Goat Skin?

goat skin black

Goat Skin Ready To Be Used For Gloves

Today there are over 300 breads of goats and a population of over 900 million worldwide, they were one of the first animals tamed by humans over 9,000 years ago. Africa has one of the largest goat populations in the world with over 294 million.

Goats Skin

Goats Are Used For Many Things & Very Easy To Tame

Goats skins are normally larger in size than sheep skins, they have a very distinctive grain structure as well making them harder to wear. Some people referrer to goat skin as kid skin or Morocco leather, but kid skin can be made from kangaroo and sheep.

Goat skin has a large variety of uses, from gloves it was a favourite material in Victorian times, rugs are even made from it in Indonesia. But almost anything can be made due to its very tough durable heard wearing characters. Books, clothing and shoes can be made.

Goat skin that isn’t tanned is used a great deal for musical instruments, drumheads and such items.


goat skin drums

Goat Skin Drumhead

Basically, you get two types of goat skin – kid and goat skin, kid being the much softer and supple of the two.

Goat skin is absorbent and must be cleaned regular to avoid damage taking place and stains appearing, this is best done with the leather repair company Aniline Leather Cleaner, as the goat skin is gentle and soft it requires more delicate cleaning fluids and care. Goat skin is very delicate being so thin. Feed the leather as often as possible to help avoid stains and wear taking place to your item.

Kid Leather is very different it’s super soft, it’s super thin and requires a different cleaner again. This is where the leather repair company luxury leather cleaner comes in. If your kid skin happens to be suede and a lot of kid skin leather is then you will require a soft suede brush, a damp cloth as well as some suede cleaner, as with any suede avoid getting this type of leather very wet. When suede gets very wet it tends to change the colour and look of the texture. With suede you can’t use a protection cream on this, you are better off spraying the leather repair company suede and nubuck protector and once dry a coating of the dye stopper should be applied.

Goats are used for such a variety of things including goat’s milk which can be used as a fantastic mild soap for people with sensitive skin.

Goat skin goats milk soap

Goats Milk Soap Perfect For Sensitive Skin

Goat dung can also be used as fuel, people use goat dung to fuel fires, so these animals are very good for many reasons, milk, fur, skin, fuel, food the list is endless.

Goat Skin Goat Dung

Goat Dung is used as a fuel for fires

Goats are very universal with what they can provide to the chain. Cashmere is a luxurious wool and is provided from the strands of certain goats Pashmina or Cashmere goats. Cashmere is used widely for clothing but cashmere hair on hides can be used for other sectors and in the automotive industry.

Goat Hide Cashmere fur

Cashmere Goat produce Cashmere wool using the fibres

Mohair is another form of goat. Mohair comes from the Angora goat and is not as good as a quality as the Cashmere Goat.


Goat Hide Mohair

Goat Hide Mohair



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