What Is Leather Hide or Skin?

Leather Hides

Leather Hides – Skins


Hide or Skin is from various animals for many different uses, from car seats to handbags, leather jackets to yacht seats, golfing gloves to shoes, footballs to cricket bats, furniture to space shuttles.

Leather is everywhere it’s a bi product of the foods chain and has been saved from being scrapped by getting tanned into hides or skin as some call it.

It is either tanned in a tannery or it’s naturally dried in the wild by those people who still live in the wild today.

Leather Skins

Leather Skins – Hides


Depending on what part of the world you come from will depend what you call leather, is it a hide or is it a skin !! A great deal of people from overseas call them skin, they rarely say we want to repair the leather hide, they are always saying we want to repair the leather skin.

Also, depending on the age ranges of staff in a tannery will also determine the terms used, so people call smaller animals like sheep, goats, pigs etc skins, while others call all leather hides irrespective of the animal it’s from.

The part that’s used for leather is the dermis it’s 85% of the skin layer.


What Does Leather Consist Of

What Does Leather Consist Of


Hides or skins can come in various forms, with hair on or fur on hides, all grain structures are very different depending on where the animal is from in the world and what type of animal it is. As you can imagine a lamb leather would be nothing like a hippo leather hide or an ostrich leather hide. The skins would be very different and the care for each type of skin when tanned is also different.


Hair On Cow Hide

Hair On Cow Hide

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