What Are Ink Stains?

Pen Ink On Leather

Pen Ink On Leather

Ink stains are caused by ink from pens, where a pen has leaked, or the leather has been drawn on.

Pen ink is indelible so needs to be removed as quickly as possible to avoid the ink from penetrating the clear coat lacquer and then into the colour below the clear coat lacquer.

Ink if not removed quickly will soak into the colour and if this happens the process of repairs becomes bigger with a colour restoration process required.

Ink Stain On Leather

Ink Stain On Leather


With any ink stain it’s always best to start with a leather cleaner gently cleaning the surface with a brucle leather brush. If the ink is not removed from the surface, you would then use a natural ink and stain remover ┬ádesigned just for removing ink stains.

Using the ink and stain remover soap gently rub this over the surface, making sure your cloth is wet with water and rub this into the soap and then apply to the areas where the ink is, do this very gently as the soap removes the ink stains. Once removed protect the area with a leather protection cream.

For ink stains that have been on the leather for longer periods of time it’s best to use a solvent based ink and stain remover, this is a powerful product so great care would have to be taken place and this process of removal has to be done very gently to avoid removing colour from the leathers surface.

Once all ink has been removed using the solvent based chemicals it’s best to re seal the areas with a clear coat lacquer and then protect with a protection cream.

Aniline leather is a much harder leather to remove ink stains from as the leather has open pores, in most cases with aniline leather it requires a restoration process to be carried out as the ink soaks into the leather and dyes the leather.

Pen Ink Drawn On Leather

Pen Ink Drawn On Aniline Leather aniline


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