What Is Leather Cleaner?


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Leather Cleaners For All Types Of Leather

What leather cleaner you use depends on your leather type, you wouldn’t use a standard leather cleaner designed for pigmented on aniline, suede or nubuck. Using the wrong leather cleaner on aniline leather, suede and nubuck can cause staining that can be almost impossible to remove.


Leather Cleaner and Protection Cream

Leather Cleaner & Protection Cream For Pigmented Leather

A strong leather cleaner normally contains alkaline which can solvent or extremely high degreasing. This type of leather cleaner can cause surface damage, this can break down the surface coating and make it feel sticky as it breaks down the coating. Coatings that are already breaking down can also feel sticky with just water from a tap, so make sure you investigate what cleaner is best. A PH neutral leather cleaner is best that’s designed for pigmented leather specifically.

An aniline leather requires a much more natural higher quality soap flake to be used with specialist cleaning soaps to remove dirt and grime.

BMW Arm rest leather cleaner in action

Leather Cleaner Removing Dirt & Grime Leather care Seat

It’s often seen on the internet where groups suggest products to clean leather like bleach. Bleach will damage the coating of the natural leather and drain the colour causing the surface coating to peel. Many suggest peanut butter, baby wipes and saddle soaps. Saddle soaps are extremely caustic and are normally a full alkaline soap, on modern leathers this causes more problems than it’s worth. Saddle soap is designed to be used on saddles, belts and items like this as they are natural open pore leather with no surface colour and require an alkaline cleaner to remove dirt, grease and body oils from animals.


BMW seat Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaning In Action To Remove Grime

Dirt attracts to leather in many forms just dust in the air can cause leather to become ingrained with dirt, acting as an abrasive on the leather surface causing damage, cleaning is required very regular to prolong the life of leather and protect the surface coating on pigmented and aniline leathers.

You can avoid a great deal of stains taking place like grease and sweat on the backs of sofas and head rests in cars by applying specialist protection products.

Using specialist cleaners from Restorers ltd are the best option, they have a range of award-winning cleaners and protectors for leather. Used throughout the world by the vehicle detailing industry who class them as the finest leather cleaners and protectors in the industry.

You also get long term protectors from a company called Robornes who provide a 3 or 5 year warranty protection system on leather, giving a coating system that actually becomes part of the leather hide itself unlike other products that are similar, the Robornes Leather Guard system protects far better than others around.

With this system in the event of stain ever taking place it’s removed and repaired free of charge throughout the 3 or 5 year warranty cover plan.

Some leather cleaners that deep clean also contain alcohol and ammonia again both products cause damage speeding up the wear process.

Specialist brushes, like a Tampico, Brucle or natural Horsehair brushes are best they are able to deep clean without damage to the leather surface removing dirt and grime easily.

Leather Sofa using the Leather Cleaner

Dirt & Grime Being Removed With a natural Leather Cleaner

Aniline leathers can be cleaned with a natural water based leather cleaner of a foam version, it’s always best to clean aniline leather edge to edge to avoid any staining taking place, never speed up the drying of any leather as this again can cause a tide mark to appear on the leather of more natural leathers.

Leather cleaning can be carried out on all types of leather goods, see LRC for Leather Cleaning