What Are Marks In Leather


Leather comes with many natural marks in it depending on the quality of the skin.

Marks happen due to many different reasons, but in general marks are caused by insects in most cases.

Animals gain scars from fighting with other animals or from being attacked.

Depending on the damage the skins have will determine what grade of leather the tanned skin will be given, grades vary from country to country but usually they follow the four stages process.

Skins of animals get so many marks on them not just from trees and barbwire fencing, natural marks can be gained from insects and birds.

This is where some skins look perfect, but they are actually drop splits, and then have a coating applied to them and grained impressed in them, so this gives them a flawless look. People become confused with this as they think it’s a perfect top grain split, when it’s far from it, it’s the bottom split the rough side of the skin that is not that great a quality.

Branding marks on leather are very visible and easy to tell, they normally consist of letters and numbers unique to farmers.

Insect bites can vary in size depending on the conditions, heat, and the number of insects on the animal.

Warble marks are the worst insect mark, as they live below the surface of the skin and in time come to the surface burrowing through leaving a hole in the animal’s skin.

The other types of marks that are very prominent are warts, these can be small, and some can be exceptionally large leaving nasty marks on the surface of the leather hide.

Large Branding Marks    Branding Numbers

Large Branding Marks                                                        Branding Numbers

Wart In Skin      Fence Marks

Wart In Skin                                                               Fence Marks


Warble Marks               Insect Marks

Warble Marks                                                                 Insect Marks