What is Nappa Leather?


Nappa or as today they also call it Napa was first discovered in the Nappa Valley in California. The Sayer Tanning Company was established in 1869 and worked for almost half a century under the same management. The company was founded by A F Sawyer. Emanuel Manasse named the leather Nappa in 1875 and ever since it’s kept that same name.

Nappa Leather Skins

Nappa Leather Skins or Today Naps Leather

Nappa Leather is made from cow, goat, calf and lamb. Today you can get a Nappa Leather in many skin types. Today Napa leather is used in cars, furniture, handbags, clothing and shoes, it’s finished with a soft feel and touch. There are no real ways of telling if something is Nappa or Napa as it’s known today, other than its soft luxury feel.

Nappa Leather is made from natural grain or more likely today corrected grain.

Nappa Leather is used for leather jackets, handbags, shoes and car interiors, BMW cars have a lot of Nappa Leather in them in particular models and upgrades. Other brands that use Nappa Leather are Bentley, Ford and Mitsubishi to name a few.

Nappa Leather Gear Stick

Nappa Leather Gear Stick

It’s a very luxurious leather and has an amazing soft touch to it. Nappa is often chrome tanned, the only downside to Nappa Leather is it doesn’t wear as well as fully pigmented leathers, cars have a coating applied to them so they are a little more resilient to wear and staining taking place.

The leather industry has no genuine terms as to what Nappa Leather actually is. People think it’s a type of product, in fact it isn’t, it’s just a term that started in 1875.

Due to its super soft luxury feel a great deal of leather jackets are made from Nappa Leather as well as handbags giving that very soft luxury touch to the items.

Nappa Leather Jacket

Nappa Leather Jacket


The handbag industry uses a lot of Nappa Leather or Napa Leather as it’s known today due to its luxury look and feel.

Nappa Leather Handbag

Nappa Leather Miu Miu Handbag

Nappa Leather has a very different feel and touch than standard pigmented leather.

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