What Is Patina?


People can easily be misled with terms, patina is one of them, people often confuse it with antique leather, they are two totally different things.

Patina is something that happens to leather over a period of time, it’s the natural ageing process leather goes through, patina starts to set, some wear takes place and some slight cracking may appear, this is very common in older cars and older furniture, it’s called patina.

Patina = a thin surface layer that develops on something because of use, age, or chemical action.

When it comes to classic cars patina is something that can add great value to the classic car, as buyers can see how genuine the vehicle is by the patina of the leather.

Antique = is generally something that’s 100 years old or older.

People are mistaken with these two terms, they call leather with patina, antique.

Patina is where there are colour differences and light signs of wear and tear and slight general cracking appearing.


This helicopter seat has patina.


MG Seat damaged and patina

This classic MG car seat has both damaged areas and Patina.

The MG seat above on this Classic Car is more than Patina, it’s a mixture of both the base section is mainly patina, but the back on the left side upper is damaged and can’t’ be classed as patina.

Patina on jaguar seat     Patina jaguar etype seat
This classic Jaguar Etype seat has patina.


Rolls Royce damaged     damaged seat rolls royce

These worn Rolls Royce Seats have wear & damage that’s beyond Patina.

Patina needs to be understood for what it actually is, it’s only light surface discolouration and cracking that can be classed as Patina anything more than this is damaged.


juice stained leather sofa      stains on seat not patina

This Mercedes Seat and this Leather Sofa cushion are damaged this is not Patina.

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