What Is Pig Leather Skin?

Pig Leather Skins are used in a variety of ways, from handbags, to clothing, books to hats. Leather comes in many different forms and from many animals.


Pig Leather Hide

Pig Leather Hide – Nappa Pig Leather Skin

Pig Leather Skin is ranked fourth in the worlds production of leather. Cow, sheep and goat rank higher on the production chain for leather hides.

Pig leather can be finished or left natural and can come in the form of a nappa leather as well.

Figures for 2018 state there are about 769.05 million pigs in the world this is means China has home to more than half of the worlds pig population with around 440.6 million, next is the European Union with around 150.26 million pigs, followed by United States with 73.15 million pigs.

Pig leather is used in many ways, it’s able to be split into extremely fine hides meaning it can be used to line handbags almost paper thin, including book covers making them feel extremely soft and supple.


Pig Leather Shoes

Genuine Pig Leather Shoe

Pig leather is used commonly on gloves, providing a nice luxury glove leather due to it being so thin.

As well as a finished pig leather, you also get pig suede leathers, these are used on items like leather jackets and on handbags and gloves.


Pig Leather Gloves

Pig Leather Skin Gloves

Pig Leather has many hair follicles mainly grouped in 3 at a time, the quantity of hair follicles on pigs is far greater than other commonly used animals.


Pig Leather Skin Showing Hair Follicles

Pig Leather Skin Showing Hair Follicles

Very Close Up Of Pig Leather Skin

Pig Leather Hide Very Close Up Showing Full Details Of A Nappa Pig Leather



   Genuine Pig Leather JacketPig Leather Suede Jacket


 Pig Leather Jacket                                                         Pig Suede Leather Jacket


Pig leather is very commonly used in the glove industry in particularly for working gloves, most often these are suede finished pig leather gloves.

Pig Leather Skin Suede Gloves

Pig Suede Leather Gloves

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