What Are Red Shades?


This guide gives you an idea of how red colours work when mixed with other colours to gain different red colours.

Using this chart you can gain different colour shades by mixing different leather colours together to create new tones and shades of colours.

Red is a primary colour on the colour wheel, its also a very translucent colour.

The guides give you ides of the colours you can make by mixing percentages of colours together to gain different colours in the colour spectrum.

Colour Mixing 10 Red Shades

Colour Mixing 10 Red Shades


Red is used in many different ways on the colour mixing wheel, understanding the colour wheels is important.

Red counteracts green tones in colours, so any colour that’s gone green, add red to that colour to cancel out the green hues that are coming through.

With any red colour shade you can use green to cane; out the red also as they are opposite on the colour mixing wheels.

Red can be used to lighten some colours, as well as make a brown more of a red brown and make a brown by mixing black with the red, the more black you add the darker the colour will be.

Red is also an important colour to make varying shades or purple tones.

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