What Is V-Tex Leather?



V Tex Leatherette Seats VW Cars

V Tex Leatherette Seats VW Cars


V-Tex Leather is what VW put in some cars, it’s a fake leather material.

Not all models have this in, VW offer on most options fabric and V-Tex leatherette. It’s a synthetic material that has advantages over genuine leather seats.

Leather compared to V-Tex leatherette is much softer in comparison to fake materials, its much warmer and lasts longer than fake materials.

The question has to be asked, is fake leather better than genuine leather? Simply put no, as fake leather may be classed as environmentally friendly, but the production processes used aren’t that friendly for the environment.

Leatherette seats last no where near as long as genuine leather seats, fake leather is very difficult to repair, whereas leather can easily be repaired multiple times without affecting the leather at all, extending its life with perfect preservation.

Plastic seats as leatherette is known, is a form of vinyl covering which is much colder, it’s not as comfortable and luxurious as genuine leather. It suffers from cracking making repairs difficult to undertake meaning seats must be replaced more frequently than genuine leather seats.

More and more companies are claiming to have vegan leather in cars, when its just a marketing trick to gain more publicity for a brand.

Companies need to be aware of this misleading information surrounding leather as the general public are getting confused and mislead constantly.

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