What Is Vachetta leather?

Vachetta Leather Cowhide

Vachetta Leather Skin

Vachetta leather is an Italian leather that’s natural and not treated, so patina / colour is gained by natural light.

With Vachetta Hide not being treated this stains easily and quickly, if great care isn’t taken, once something lands on your item it will absorb into the Vachetta leather creating a stain, you can only remove stains on a leathers surface not within the hide.

Brands such as Coach and Louis Vuitton have made Vachetta Skin very popular by using this for there famous brands. Styles that use Vachetta leathers is LV Alma, LV Speedy, Houston and LV Tivoli.

Vachetta Hide has a buttery soft appearance and can feel amazing when brushed against your skin. It’s around 1mm to 2mm thick and is made from cowhide. It’s untreated, meaning it hasn’t gone through the process as other skins have, leaving it natural, this gains a much darker colour called Patina as sun light get onto the leather and oils and greases from your hands and skin.

Coach Vachetta Leather handbag

Coach Vachetta Handbag


The below items are Louis Vuitton coated canvas handbags with a Vachetta trim and handles. Louis Vuitton handbags and cases are made from a coated canvas then treated to a PVC type material that bears the world famous LV brand logo.

Louis Vuitton handbag vachetta leatherLouis Vuitton case Vachetta Leather Tivoli Vachetta Handbag

Louis Vuitton cases and handbags with Vachetta Hide Trim.


Vachetta leather is used a great in the fashion industry, its a very natural raw product that gains patina over the years and when exposed to sunlight. Protection for Vachetta leather is essential from the moment your item is purchased you should apply a protection cream to help prevent stains.

Vachetta is easily stained there is no coating on the surface to prevent this from happening so protecting with a natural product that’s designed for this type of leather is important.


The protection cream is the perfect solution for this, its unique system stops stains and prevents premature wear taking place, preserving your leather for years to come.

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