What Is Zebra leather?




The Zebra population across species is very low at around 500,000 zebra leather skins are very distinctive with their striped pattern.

Zebra meat has a very distinctive taste and is regarded as an exotic meat.

Zebras are a protected animal in mountain reserves but are still endangered species.

Genuine Zebra skins are extremely costly and can cost anything from £1,500 to £3,000 to purchase here’s a Zebra Rug.


Full Zebra Hide

Full Zebra Hide


Cow hides are sold with a zebra print on them, so always check before buying that you are buying a genuine zebra skin ask for official paperwork as this should be presented with the skin.

Zebra skins are strictly regulated by the African government to ensure the animals do not become more endangered than they are at present.

Zebra skins are usually sold in three grades, A highest quality with no scaring, B good quality with light scaring, C full hide with scaring, prices vary depending on the quality and amount of scares visible on the zebra hide.

The English government has some guide lines on fur on hide importation that you can read up on by clicking this link

You c ant just buy zebra hides like you can cow skins or even snake skins, these skins are very rare now.



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