Audi Car Leather



Audi Car Leather


Audi the German family car with a twist of sports cars & super cars.

Audi car leather is mainly from male cattle from Southern Europe.

Audis claim has always been to feel as comfortable in your Audi as you do in your living room!

Audi car leather goes through many strict tests, including over 30 separate tests. Audi car leather is refined when tanned including the uses of vegetable dyes.


Most Audi leather is genuine leather compared to other brands like VW, as Audi position itself as the premium brand in the group.

Not every Audi has genuine leather hide, an increasing amount of fake leather is being used today in Audis. 

Restorers Ltd can make most Audi Car Leather Colours, if you don’t see your colour listed below, contact Leather Repair Company directly.


Example Audi Car Leather Colours


Audi is a very complex company dating back to the early 20th century, Horch and Audiwerke were founded by August Horch, an engineer in Germany, along with two other manufacturers DKW and Wanderer.

The Audi logo is made up of four rings, this is to represent the four companies that joined forces to form what is Auto Union and Audi today.

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