What Are Beige Colours?

Shade 1(Light Beige)


  • White is one of the main components of beige. If you want a darker stronger beige, you would add to the mix the paint with a red scarlet, bright yellow and dark blue, this would gain you a dark greeny beige, adding white in will help lighten this again.

Bright Yellow

  • Bright yellow is the colour that you just need a few drops of, but the brightness of bright yellow helps give the tan colour its signature look. Without yellow, you would just have a brown shade.

Red Scarlet

  • Red scarlet is a very necessary paint colour to make beige, but just a few drops as per yellow above  with the red scarlet, this helps gain that stunning beige look, if you’re looking for a light beige colour add just add a small drop of red scarlet as you would the bright yellow above.

Dark Blue

  • Dark blue will gain you the darkness and green shade in the beige mix, but just a few drops as per the bright yellow and red scarlet above, if you require a dark greeny Beige just add more dark blue and bright yellow with equal parts red scarlet. This can be lightened by adding white as required, some beige colours tend to be on the green side and the yellow and the dark blue helps gain this mix.

There are many ways to make a beige, depending on the shade you require, but the above gives you the basic information you will require, if you ever require your beige to go lighter white always lightens any colour, black always darkens any colour.

Some times when mixing it’s the shade that can be out, this can be changed by mixing together 70% white with 30% black to gain a nice grey colour, the grey will change that mid tone shade make it blend in much better, but you don’t need a lot of the grey just a few drops, if it goes too mucky looking just add in more of the above three main colours, white, yellow and red scarlet.

A note to remember beige colours are a shade of browns.

Adding more white will lighten this to gain you a much lighter beige.

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