BMW Car Leather

BMW Car Leather

BMW is a German car brand with family cars, sports cars and super cars.

Famous for its M series of cars, with big V8 engines and V10 engines.

BMW’s roots go back as far as 1916 with Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto.

From 1917 onwards all BMW models displayed the BMW logo with the Barvarian colours.

BMW are not just famous for its car brands, they manufacture motorcycles, this began in 1923 and was called the R32.

The first BMW was built under, licence from the Austin motor company in 1929.

BMW also manufacture aircraft’s and that all began in 1932.

The first post war BMW to be manufactured was the BMW 501, this was a large saloon car capable of seating up to 6 people.

The leather in BMW interiors has the most different embossing of all car brands.

BMW use many different types of leathers, Bison, Buffalo, Merino, Dakota, Nappa and even pig skin, cow hides are used and given many different names due to different finishes and embossing in BMW ( Barvarian Motor Works)  cars

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Example BMW Car Leather Colours

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