What Is Bridle Leathers?


Bridle Leathers are used for horses, the purpose of them is to be strapped around the horse to control the movements. If the horse is pulling a cart they are then connected to the cart.

Bridle Leathers are made from cow hide and vary in thicknesses from 4mm to 6mm thick.


Bridle Leathers

Bridle Leathers

Bridle Leathers have both flesh and grain side stuffed with greases and are finished with waxes. There are very few tanneries today that produce quality Bridle Leather as it’s a time-consuming process as they are predominantly veg tanned leather.

With Bridle Leather being veg tanned, it’s a time-consuming process made from leaves, bark, wood, nuts and other various items from trees. Normally done in pits, with limited colours due to the natural materials used.

Veg Tanned Bridle Leather

Veg Tanned Leather natural Hide

J & E Sedgwick & Co & F J Barker are two of, if not the finest in the world for Bridle Leather and Saddles.

J & E Sedgwick & Co Ltd was founded in 1900 by James and Emmanuel Sedgwick and is still going today but has joined forces with The Clayton Leather Group.

F J Barker is a family business that the Barker family purchased in 1862 over 150 years ago, it is still a family business today. Mr Andrew Parr is the fifth generation still running the business today as the managing director, all managed on traditional methods.

horse and cart

Horse and Cart

Bridle Leathers are used to make a large variety of products, including belts, bags, shoes and cases. This is used by manufacturers due to its thickness, the quality, feel and look it has. It’s a natural product when veg tanned with natural extracts of a tree. It gains its own patina over time and colours change with use and sunlight.

Veg Tanned Saddle Leather Veg tanned Leather Mulberry bag Veg Tanned Leather Shoes

          Veg Tanned Natural Hide                      Veg Tanned Handbag                                Veg tanned Shoes

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