What Are Brown Colours?


  • Red is one of the main components of brown. If you want a strong, very warm shade of brown, you would mix the paint with more red.


  • Yellow is another crucial colour needed for brown. More yellow in a paint mixture makes the brown look more golden.


  • Blue is the colour that you just need a few drops of, but the coolness of blue helps give the brown colour its signature look. Without blue, you would just have an orange shade.


  • Green is not a necessary paint colour to make brown, but it is another option for making your hand-mixed colour look cooler without adding more blue.

There are many ways to make a dark brown, dark blue and yellow in equal parts and then add scarlet red, if you add more blue you will gain from this a beautiful purple colour.

Light to mid browns equal parts red scarlet and orange and then a few drops of black, if you require this to be darker add more black.

If you require a nice golden oak brown once you have added the initial black add more orange, also add bright yellow but at only half the rate you’re adding orange, in between an odd dash of white will help lighten the colour.

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