What Is Capybara Leather?


Capybara leather is a suede leather.


Capybara Leather Hide

Capybara Leather Hide


Capybara leather is also known as Carpincho Leather, it’s the hide of the largest rodent in the world from South America, these extremely large rodents grow to almost 5 feet long, they are enormous.


Capybara The Largest Rodent In The World

The skins of the Capybara are considered by some luxury brands as the finest leathers in the world.

Capybara Leather ages well and gets even more comfortable with age, it has similar qualities to the Peccary Leather which is from the Nelfer Pig from south American.

Capybara leather is used in fashion house and to make glove leather. Capybara leather is also used to make leather jackets, shoes and hats as well as handbags and rucksacks.

Capybara leather Jacket


Capybara Leather Jacket


A great deal of luxury fashion houses use capybara for handbags and ruck sacks.

Capybara Leather Bag

Capybara Leather Bag


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