Primary Colours?


What are the three primary colours.

Red, Yellow and Blue.

red yellow blue


From primary colours you can obtain all other colour types by mixing these colours together.

Those who are truly blessed with colour mixing can make any colour from the above three colours.


Secondary colours are as follows

Orange, Green and Violet.

secondary colours

These are obtained by mixing opposite colours together in equal amounts 50/50 to obtain that shade known as a secondary colour. e.g red and yellow = orange.

What are complimentary colours?

Complimentary colours are what are opposite each other on the colour spectrum.

Green – Red

Orange – Blue

Purple – Yellow

How these colours work is as follows, when mixing up a colour if something has gone too green, you can add red to counteract the green. By adding the red it will reduce the greens saturation and bring you back to where you were before adding too much green. The same applies to orange – blue and purple – yellow.

Black & White colours

A black pigment will always darken any colour and a white pigment will always lighten a colour.

With colour mixing there are many solutions, one solution is trying to look at a colour and rather than say its brown or green, see if you can see other colours in the brown or green to give you an idea of what colours you will need to make the correct shade.

Colour mixing is by far the hardest part of any job that involves painting and spending as much time learning this can help in many ways to avoid disappointments.

Mixing colours is not easy, just like getting a grey, common sense says add white to black? But what will happen here is you will gain a blue shade / tone to the colour as black is made with an underlying blue tone to begin with, so the best way is to add yellow oxide to counteract the blue shades when mixing a grey.

There is a colour mixing app that you can download or view via a laptop for iOS users.

You can also view thousands of colour via this additional website Leather Colours

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