What Are Dark Beige Colours?

Shade 2 (Dark Beige)


  • White is one of the main components of beige. If you want a darker stronger beige, you would add three colours to the mix, red scarlet, bright yellow and dark blue. This would gain you a dark greeny beige, adding white in will help lighten this again.

Dark Brown

  • Dark brown mixed with the white above will create you a grey tone, this is the starting point for a darker shade of beige, and you can use equal parts dark brown and white to gain this grey shade.


  • Magenta added to the mix above helps gain the red tone to the beige, as all beige colours are a form of browns, just add a few drops of magenta to the mix, but, not too much.

Bright Yellow

  • Bright yellow added to the mix above helps gain the rich golden colour you require to the beige, with all beige colours being on the brown shade the bright yellow helps gain the golden look, just add a few drops to the mix the same amount as magenta above.

Always remember black darkens a colour and white lightens a colour, if you keep adding white after white to this mix you will go to a light creamy yellow colour of beige.

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