What Is Dinamica?

Dinamica is an ecological microfibre material.

The production of Dinamica is like that of recycling paper.

Dinamica Material
                 Dinamica Material Colours

Dinamica is a recycled polyester material, from polyester fibres, like t shirt materials and PET plastic bottles.

It’s designed to be environmentally friendly meaning it can be recycled at the end of its use, they claim it’s 100% recyclable.

It’s the eco friendly suede of the industry, looking like a suede leather, its appearance is a little roughing and cheaper looking than suede, it’s soft and supple to touch and for those who don’t know materials can easily be misled to thinking it’s suede.

Dinamica Material Grey Colour
                   Dinamica Material

It bobbles up like a traditional alcantara material, so requires maintenance to keep it in tip top condition, with regular cleaning of a natural cleaning solution with a small amount of fabric cleaner added.

Unlike suede, where you rub your finger over the surface suede gets different shades as you move the fibres with Dinamica this doesn’t happen it stays the same when your fingers are rubbed over the surface.


Dinamica Close Up Front Material

Dinamica Close Up Of The Front Of The Material

Some car manufacturers are using this material in cars today, the new Range Rover Evoque uses this on its seats.

Dinamica is not being used just in cars, but also in the marine, aviation, furniture and fashion industries due to its 100% recyclable factors.

Dinamica Close Reverse Of Material

Dinamica Close Up Shot Of The Reverse Of The Material.

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