What Are Leather Dining Chairs?


Antique Dining Chair Front

Antique Chair Front

Dining chairs are an item of furniture normally found around a table or as a decorative item of furniture within the home or hallways of grand homes.

Carver chairs as there were known are almost synonymous with dining chairs.

There are a large number of different chairs, Side Chairs, Parsons, Ladder Back, Queen Anne, Wing Back, Windsor, Regency, Chippendale and so many more.

Dining chairs come in many shape and sizes and many different materials, from fabric to wood and leather, including faux leather dining chairs.

Faux leather chairs are a very common chair, people buy these thinking they are buying genuine leather items, below are some pictures of faux leather chairs and how they can be damaged.

Faux Leather Dining Chair Back

Faux Leather Chair Back

Faux Leather Dining Chair

Faux Leather Chair

Faux leather chairs are not genuine leather they are coated with a plastic coating that cracks, crazes and peels.

Faux Leather Chair Damaged

Faux Leather Chair Damaged

Genuine leather chairs come in different types of leather from pigmented leather to aniline leather dining chairs.

Aniline Leather Chair

Aniline Leather Chair

Antique Chair Leather Base

Antique Chair Leather Base

Older style leather dining chairs were in a veg tanned leather with a painted finish just like a Connolly leather car interior.

Tub Style Chair

Tub Style Dining Chair

Depending on the type of dining chair you have will determine the type of care it requires to clean. Aniline leathers are very absorbent and require a great deal of protection against food and drinks as it will soak into the leather, pigmented leather chairs are much easier to maintain as they are naturally waterproof and easy to wipe down clean.

Chair Base

Leather Chair Base

Antique Chair Back

Antique Chair Back

Depending on the type of leather will depend on the type of care that’s required to maintain them, pigmented leather chairs are far easier to look after than an aniline leather chair.

Each type of leather will require different care products and different protection products to keep them in great shape.

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