How To Remove Sweat, Grease and Oil On Leather?

This guide gives you an idea of how to handle sweat, grease and oil on leather and what to use to remove it.

With any form of stain, it’s always best to start with the easiest solution first, a good quality leather cleaner should remove most marks and stains.

With aniline leather it’s a very different matter, because aniline leather has open pores it will mean things like grease, sweat and oil will penetrate the leather and soak into the skin. So, removal on aniline leather is a great deal harder to achieve. Giving aniline leather a protection coating with a protection cream is the best preventative measure you can take.

Sweat Grease and Oil On Leather

Leather can deteriorate when its not protected fully, to prevent unnecessary damage taking place to your leather items, its advised that protection is applied as often as possible.

Bare skin can also cause staining to take place from sweating which breaks down the coating and then in time the paint, then if left it will break down the leather causing holes to appear.

Damage like this can be prevented with the correct care taking place often.

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