What is jean dye transfer?

Denim jeans and clothing is dyed with Indigo dye, indigo dye is a natural dye from the plant species, but today most indigo dyes are synthetic dyes.

Jean Dye Transfer Mercedes

Jean Dye Transfer Mercedes Benz Seat

Because in most cases the indigo dye is not set, this causes transfer onto other clothing, including handbags, jackets, car seats, furniture and other items. The dye naturally transfers as you rub against it. Dye can also transfer while clothing is being washed, so it’s best to wash jeans / denim separately on its first and second wash.

Denim dye transfer can be easily be avoided with a correct care plan in place for any leather item.

Keeping leather protected with the correct products is essential to avoid the indigo dye from staining the leather coating and penetrating the topcoat and transferring into the coloured surface below the clear coat lacquer.


Jean Dye

Dye Transfer From Denim Jeans and a Belt

With jean dye being natural or as it is today synthetic this can easily transfer and the second you see jean dye appearing on your leather it’s best to remove it as quickly as possible as clothing rubbing against it can cause this to transfer.

BMW denim Dye Transfer

BMW Denim Dye Transfer

The best way to avoid jean dye transfer on to leather is a regular maintenance programme, on lighter coloured leathers as jean dye shows up easier on these than darker coloured leathers. Once a month the leather should be cleaned, and a protection layer applied. You can give your leather an initial deep clean and then apply a barrier of protection designed specifically to stop jean dye transfer, a dye stopper will stop this from taking place. Dye stoppers can last up to 6 months, but during this 6 month period it’s still advised to wipe your leather with a damp cloth, this can be either with just water or a dedicated cleaner to help shift dirt and grime.

You can apply a protection system from Robornes called Leather Guard ® this bonds to the leather still allowing it to breathe and protects leather for 3 or 5 years with a guaranteed  coating and warranty, that in the event of staining happening this is repaired free of charge during the 3 or 5 year period.



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