What Are Juice Stains On Leather?


Juice stains can happen to leather where they have been spilled on the surface and left. Citrus, apple juice and pineapple drinks are very acidic and if left on the surface of the leather they can cause damage to the clear coating and then penetrate the leather binder paint creating a stain.

Any form of juice needs to be removed as quickly as possible to avoid damaging happening.

Depending on how long a juice stain has been on the leather surface will determine the cleaning process required to remove this.

You are best starting off with a standard water based natural leather cleaner, followed by the ink and stain remover to avoid damage to the clear coat lacquer. In most cases these two items will remove the stain on the surface of the leather if it’s not been on it for too long.

If the stain will not remove with standard natural cleaning products, it will require a stronger chemical to be used like an ink and stain remover which is a solvent based product. With this product it requires great care when using it on the leather surface as it’s solvent based and you have to wet a cloth with the product and very gently rub this over the surface, do not rub too hard as this can remove the clear coat lacquer quickly.

Clear Coat Top Lacquer

Clear Coat Top Lacquer

When cleaning with the ink and stain remover if the surface starts to feel sticky stop at once and dry the surface with a hairdryer, this will bond the clear coat lacquer back together again allowing you to continue gently rubbing over the surface with the ink and stain remover until the stain has fully gone, each time the surface feels sticky stop and dry and then continue until the stain has been fully removed.

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