What Is King Ranch Leather?


King Ranch Leather is an aniline leather it has no surface colouring or protective layer and is natural.

King Ranch Interior

King Ranch Leather Interior

With King Ranch leather protection is essential to prevent stains and discolouring taking place.

King Ranch was used in Ford truck from 2001 to 2008. It’s an aniline dyed leather, this means it has no surface coating paint applied or protective lacquer topcoat applied either.

Keeping King Ranch hide clean is not easy as it naturally absorbs moisture, dirt and grime from daily use.

It’s one of the most luxurious leather around, extremely soft and supple with all-natural markings visible including hair follicles.

King Ranch Leather has no protective coating as 99% of leather is normally protected it’s left to the elements, so protection is the best preventative method.

You always need to keep this leather type protected with either an aniline protector or a protection cream or even both. A protection cream will add suppleness back into this hide to keep it soft and supple and a barrier of protection to avoid stains and dirt build up.

King Ranch Leather Seats With Stains

Ford King Ranch Interior

Cleaning King Ranch is the same as aniline, you need to make sure the full surface area is wet. This can be done with a natural leather cleaner like an aniline leather cleaner, a soft brush can be used to rub over then surface to deep clean the leather. Once this has been done allow theĀ  Leather to dry out back to its natural colourings and then protect with a protection cream.

King Ranch Leather

Ford Leather Showing How It Can Become Stained and Dirty.


This type of leather can be cleaned, but has to be treated with great care to ensure more damage is not caused to this natural leather hide. Protection is essential and a natural american beeswax infused cream can be applied to seal the leather and protect it.


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