What Is Leather Edge Painting?

Leather Edge Painting is a process where the cut edge is painted to seal this from the element of daily use.

Leather edge painting is done at the point of manufacture and is carried out by passing the leather onto rollers to apply an even coating of edge paint to seal the raw edge. If the raw edge is left the fibres will soak in oils and body fluids and become damaged.

With the correct products edge painting can be carried out by hand using paint brushes and sponges to apply a nice even coating that’s almost as good as the original, care must be taken when applying the edge paint to ensure an even coating is applied.

Leather Edge Painting Machine

Leather edge Painting Machine

In most cases leather edge painting is carried out on fashion goods like handbags and wallets to protect to raw cut edge from damage and to give it a nice finished look.

Leather Edge Painting Handbag Handles       Leather Edge Painting Handbags

Leather edge painting on Handbags

You can repair all types of handbag edges with a handbag edge repair kit 


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