What Is A Leather Jacket Conditioner?


Depending on the type of leather jacket, this will require different types of cleaners and different leather jacket conditioners to preserve the leather correctly.

Most fashion leather jackets are made from lamb leather and this is a semi aniline leather. This means it has been tanned in the normal way and then it has been dyed with a translucent aniline dye and then a clear top-coat with pigment has been added to the this to even out the dyed process to make the leather jackets look more even and natural.

Motorcycle leather jackets on the other hand are mainly pigmented leather, made from cow hide and kangaroo leather skins.

Some fashion jackets can be made from pig leather, these are a little coarser to the touch and not as soft as lambs leather.

A lot of designer brands use calfskin to manufacture leather jackets, this is the highest quality leather skin you can get with all-natural markings. These are then aniline dyed, and a clear pigmentation applied over the top to give them a waterproof protection layer.

Taking care of such fine leathers requires specialist products that are water based, these must be natural products and be of fine quality.

Semi Aniline leathers are super soft and require great care when cleaning, you don’t want to scrub too hard. These must be cleaned either with a cloth or a super fine leather brush like a Brucle Brush.


Leather Jacket Conditioner

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