What Are Leather Restoration Products?


Leather Prep

Leather prep is used to remove the surface colour from the leather and prepare the leather ready for a repair to be carried out. To carry out a full colour restoration it’s important that all the colour is removed from the surface as the leather needs to be absorbent again to take the new colourant.


Alcohol Cleaner

Alcohol cleaner is used in the prep stages of a repair or to clean down an area that has a tear to enable to tear or even a hole repair to take place, it’s designed to remove final layers and spots of grease, grime, dirt and sweat.

Leather Colourant

The PU Leather Colourants have been designed for us on colour restoration and jobs where a re-colour or a complete colour change is required.  We have manufactured them with a high pigment content allowing the coverage to be far better than any other on the market place. All colourants must be shaken well and be filtered prior to use. Leather colourants are for pigmented leather.


  • Fantastic UV Protection
  • Brilliant Waterproof Protection
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Great Adhesion
  • Luxurious Feel & Look


Clear Coat Lacquers

Gloss Lacquer Leather finish is a clear coat sealer / lacquer designed to be applied over the top of the Leather colourant, to seal in the top coat, giving the finish an extremely hard wearing surface, protecting it from grime, stains and dirt.

The clear coat Gloss Lacquer Leather Finish is an ideal partner for manufacturers of antique finished leathers. Where the coloured finish is rubbed off to create a two tone effect coloured look and finish.

Any type of filler below can not be used on aniline leather. Aniline leather dyes are transparent so the filler would be visible.

Fibre Binder

Ideal for leather that has worn through and gone to a suede look, where the fibres of the leather have been exposed, the Fibre Binder will bind this together for a strong repair.

Used to help repair scuffs, and badly cracked leather. It’s a watery liquid filler, used to bind very weak areas back together giving them an extremely strong base to carry out repairs.

Flexi Filler

Designed to fill in badly cracked leather, flexi filler has immense elastic characteristics, wont crack, fall out or break up.

Perfect for application in heavy use areas like seat bases or car seat bolsters.

The flexi filler has amazing elastic properties meaning it will never crack or fall out of any cracks it been used to repair


Heavy Filler

Heavy Filler – Is Flexible – Hard Wearing. It’s designed to fill in scuffs, scrapes and holes in leather, being colour charged it enables a perfect repair to be carried each and every time.

Coloured heavy filler is the same as the standard white heavy filler.

Dries quickly and you can speed this up by using a hair dryer.


Quick Dry Filler

Quick Dry Filler is a perfect product for those on the road jobs that require to have a filler used, this can be applied in thin layers and it’s very quick drying speeding up your jobs and less time spent on each as well.

This is just a few of the different  Leather Restoration Products you can buy, there are products for all types of leathers and situations.

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