What Are Leather Traders?

Leather traders are companies who import and export leather and sell all types of leather to the public.

From standard pigmented leather to exotic skins.

Traders offer many different types of services from suppling full hides to half hides and can even match colour as best as possible to samples. Some skin traders offer exact colour matching, but this comes at a price tag.

When leather is purchased from traders, this must be shipped carefully to avoid damage taking place, this is in most cases placed on cardboard rolls and rolled around the tube to protect it from damage while in transit.


Where to buy leather from?


UK Hide http://www.ukhide.co.uk/

Crest Leather http://www.crestleather.com/

Walter Reginald Group http://walterreginald.co.uk/

Yarwood Leather http://www.yarwoodleather.com/

Futura Leather http://www.futura-leathers.co.uk/

GH Leathers http://www.leathermerchants.com/

Tandy Leather UK http://www.tandyleather.eu/en/

Bridge Of Weir Leather http://www.bowleather.com/

Neumann Leathers http://www.neumannleathers.com/

Pittards PLC https://www.pittards.com/

J Wood Leathers http://www.jwoodleathers.co.uk/

Andrew Muirhead & Son http://www.muirhead.co.uk/

Wildman & Bugby Leather https://wildmanbugby.co.uk/

Radermecker Tannery https://www.radermecker.com


Many companies supply all type of leather skins, most of these suppliers have been in business for many generations, looking how these companies have changed over the years is truly amazing.


Some companies are specialists in certain hides, whereas some companies will supply any type skin, some are specific with just supplying lamb leather skins.


Leather Traders Futura Leather  Leather Traders Wildman Bugby Leather Traders UK Hide

Some Suppliers Of Leather Skins

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