What Are Magic Erasers?


Magic Erasers

Magic Erasers


Magic Sponge – Melamine Foam

So many people use these for cleaning leather, and they are one of the worst things you can use due to them being abrasive.

A magic sponge has its place for plastics, it’s fantastic. On the other hand, for leather, it’s a killer product, the reason why is it removes the very fine clear protective coating that’s been applied to your leather in the tannery.

In time this just breaks down the colour causing damage, colour loss, cracking and allowing grease to soak into the leathers surface.

Magic Erasers Leather Sofa

Magic Eraser used on a Leather Sofa

Magic sponges / melamine foam was designed for insulating pipes, it’s also used widely in sound proofing studios, melamine foam also has a low smoke and flame level, preventing it from being a fire hazard.

The main problem with a magic eraser / melamine foam is that it has an abrasive finish, just like a fine sandpaper! As you can imagine a fine sandpaper will do nothing but cause damage to your fine leather’s luxury finish and surface.

You may wonder how can something that feels so soft create such damage to leather? Simple due to its 3D network of very hard strands and structure build up, this becomes an abrasive removing fine coatings.

It’s such as plastic trims it’s perfect for them and wooden surfaces.

Another way this product is used is by dentists, they use this as an effective stain remover, as you can imagine if this can remove stains from your teeth, then the damage it’s doing to your soft leather finish is outstanding!!!

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