What Is Maztex Leather?


What Is Maztex Leather?


Maztex Leather isn’t leather at all it’s a vinyl material, it’s fake leather.

Faux leathers are becoming more and more common in cars today, but you have to ask the questions about what material you are buying, it’s also possible the salesman has no idea either that you’re not getting genuine leather due to lack of knowledge.

Maztex is faux leather and the term leather should not even be used in any sales brochures.

Vinyl is a form of plastic, it’s a synthetic man-made material, from ethylene found in crude oil and chlorine found in regular salt. When these two materials are manufactured, they form a product known as polyvinyl chloride PVC resin, commonly known as vinyl.

Manufacturers claim this type of material is more environmentally friendly and is harder wearing, but this isn’t the case. Fake materials can break down in vehicles within 5 years and in some cases even sooner, whereas leather will last, with the correct care, 30 plus years with ease. So, how can something be environmentally friendly when you have to produce it several times over a life time of a vehicle compared to a natural material like genuine leather.

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