What Is Naugahyde?


Naugahyde Fake Leather Vinyl Material


Naugahyde ® is an artificial material designed to represent leather.

Naugahyde ® was invented in 1914 in the USA, in Nugatuck.

It was a world first in innovation and material. When it was launched it was the world’s first rubber based artificial leather made.

Naugahyde is in fact a just a vinyl like other fake leathers, that claim the name leather in its title when they shouldn’t as it has no leather content at all.

Naugahyde supply products into many sectors including marine, automotive, hospitals, corporate, fitness and much more.

Naugahyde are a Uniroyal Group of Companies member, who claim they are market leaders in vinyl coated fabrics and soft trim technologies.

Another member of the Uniroyal group is Ambla Upholstery Fabrics based in Lancashire, England.

On the back of the Naugahyde ® can, is the Nauga, a mystical horned creature that’s native to the island of Sumatra. Naugas almost faced extinction as they became over hunted for its soft leather like skin, the silly thing is there was no point in this as Naugas shed skin naturally and it re grew automatically.


Fake or faux materials today are become even more problematic with using words like vegan to fool people into thinking its a vegan material when its all marketing hype to get people to damage the genuine leather trade, which is a natural bi product of the food chain.


In most cases fake materials are made from crude oil, causing issues with the planet and environment, a natural material like leather is far safer for our planet and lasts longer and can be repaired correctly unliked faux materials which have to be replaced causing more gases to be released into the air to cause even greater pollution than before.

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