What Is Nuluxe Leather?

Nuluxe leather is what Lexus use in most of their cars today, it isn’t leather at all it’s a synthetic material to represent leather and look like leather.

Lexus claim that the Nuluxe synthetic material is more supple, softer and better than other synthetic materials and is better for the environment than other synthetics. Lexus state the manufacturing process generates far less CO2 and VOC emissions than other synthetic materials (fake leathers).

Lexus claim this produces 65% less CO2 emissions when produced!

Nuluxe interior redLexus Nuluxe Interior Trim

As with all synthetic materials that use the word Leather in them is an incorrect use of the name as it’s not leather at all, it’s synthetic materials, e.g vinyl / plastic.

With all synthetic leathers used in cars today they last only a few years compared to 100 years or more of standard natural leather, this then brings on the question of the impact on the environment, with increased manufacturing of these synthetics compared to natural leathers.

Lexus do offer Semi Aniline Leather in a lot of its models but have recently gone to using Nuluxe a lot more to help with the environment issues, a backwards step due to how long these synthetics actually last compared to genuine article.

Lexus Semi Aniline Rear SeatLexus Semi Aniline Pure Luxury

Questions people often ask is: my interior has Nuluxe leather, how do I clean this type of leather? It isn’t leather it’s fake, cleaning this is the standard traditional methods, clean with a soft bristle brush and protect as normal, if you don’t apply protection creams of protection solutions then you are at risk of your fake leather being broken down far quicker than traditional leathers as UV rays will attack it and make it crack very quickly.

The standard traditional Semi Aniline leather would be best cleaned with a luxury leather cleaner, using a soft bristle brush and then applying protection creams to protect the genuine leathers surface from UV rays and wear and tear taking place.

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