Who Are Restorers Ltd?


Restorers ltd are a company based in Hull, England. It all began in a garden and with £50.


Restorers ltd Logo

Restorers THE Leather Care People


Restorers ltd was formed by Richard Hutchins and his family in 2005 as a ltd company, but Richard has been involved with leather since 1985. It all began with looking after cars interiors and exteriors for a private collector who had over 150 classic cars.

In 1988 Richard moved from Berkshire to East Yorkshire with the job he was doing and shortly after that he started his own business detailing cars for clients all over East Yorkshire and soon built a reputation for one the finest detailers in the UK, cars were being shipped in from all over the world for Richard to detail and to get ready for car shows.

Richard noticed a gap in the marketplace and soon started to import leather care products from the USA. As the leather side of things grew, the detailing business took a back seat and Richard went into the leather industry in full, but soon wanted to produce his own products as Richard was looking for the best quality possible to serve clients all over the UK.

The Leather Repair Company logo began as a simple leather oblong shape.

First LRC Logo

The first LRC logo designed by Lee Forlow

The Leather Repair Company logo was introduced in 2005 prior to this we didn’t have a logo.

Then in approximately 2010 we decided to change our logo to a more modern shape.

LRC Logo 2

In 2018 we decided to use the company incorporated name as our logo.


Restorers ltd Logo


In 2021 Restorers Limited gave its brand a new look with a fresher outlook

Restorers LRC 2021 Logo

Restorers LRC 2021 Logo


Since Restorers began the focus has been providing clients the finest products and restoration services possible. Restorers aim was to provide the working family a product that was superior in quality that was simple to use and easy to understand. Restorers are industry changers and have helped shape the industry to what it is today with its constant innovation of leather repair products, pushing the boundaries of the industry to its limits at all times.

Restorers has grown at a rapid rate, becoming known as one of the finest today, with many locations around the world, with its HQ in Hull, England, Restorers now have locations in North Yorkshire, Newcastle, West Midlands, Suffolk, Norfolk, two locations in London, Belgium, Holland and Paris.

Restorers export all over the world and has distributors in many countries around the globe today.

Restorers introduced training courses to its business back in 2009 and has grown that business to be the No1 provider of training courses in the world, being the UKs only dedicated leather repair training centre approved by the IMI. Today Restorers train people from all over the world, helping them setup in business and continue to flourish in the leather repair sectors.

Restorers have many critics around the world today due to the quality of the products and the enthusiasm and love for the business they have.

In 2018 Restorers went through a major re branding to bring Restorers into the modern world with striking coloured labels on bottles the introduction of the Restorers logo with an even brighter future. This change came about as the company no longer just repairs leather. Restorers is involved the marble, granite, wood and UPVc repair and restoration sectors as well. Providing services to private and commercial clients all over the UK and around Europe.

old labels    Restorers new labels

                                Old original white labels                                        new coloured labels for 2018

Richards passion for classic cars is what’s made the difference to Restorers today his drive and ambition are second to none. Restorers hold many car clubs events each year to help them gain an understanding of leather and how to care for it correctly and how to restore leather.

This is the latest event held at the Restorers head office in Hull for the Rolls Royce club.


Rolls Royce cars outside HQ   Rolls Royce line up

Rolls Royce cars Line Up at Restorers HQ


Rolls Royce Attendees outside HQ   Rolls Royce Members at the event

Rolls Royce Members learning all about Leather Care & Repair


The plans for the future are even brighter than before for Restorers with plans to expand even further around the world and even more locations to be added in the UK and Europe.