What Are Scratches In Leather?

Scratches On Leather

Scratches On Leather

How To Repair A Scratch In Leather.

It’s not that hard to scratch leather, it’s easy to do with sharp objects like a pen in your back pocket or even from a buckle on a jacket or studs on jeans.

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When you scratch leather the best thing to do is to observe this via a microscope so you can see what direction the scratch has happened, the reason for finding this out is that we want to pull the scratched fibres back up in the air in that direction.

Once all the fibres are lifted up in the air, you can use the 280 grit sand paper and lightly sand them away smoothing out the scratch, don’t go too far with the sanding as you don’t want to cause a smooth area.

Once you happy with the sanding, then fully prep the area to remove dirt, grease and grime and removing some of the surface colour again, ready for applying the new colour.

After using the prep you can start to apply the filler, depending on how deep the scratch is this will depend on what type of filler is used, either flexi filler or heavy filler.

Apply the filler directly to the scratch only, trying not to get too much filler on the surrounding areas as this will just cause the leathers grain to fill up making the repair more visible and unsightly.

If you wanted to gain some form of a grain pattern back in to the leather, once the filler is almost dry, you can lightly score the filler with a sharp object causing a line in the filler to help represent a grain pattern.

Getting grain patterns can be done in many ways, you can also use a tooth pick and place small drops of colourant directly on to the filler wait for this to dry and then colour in the normal way, this will then cause the drops to be raised again giving you the same effect as leather a raised grain structure.

Another method is turning down the paint flow on your airbrush and lowering the pressure so that the paint spits out of the airbrush causing tiny droplets on the leathers surface.

When you have reached your desired grain patterns, apply some colour around the surrounding area to blend in the colour, making the repair perfect and almost invisible.

Once the colour has been dried which can be speeded up using a hair drier, you can then apply some clear coat top sealers to finish off the repair perfectly.

The alternative to buying products separately is to buy a full kit that has everything you require to remove scratches.

Scratches Caused By Cats

Scratches Caused By Cats

Cat Scratched Leather Arm

Cat Scratched Leather Arm

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