What Is Sherpa Leather?


Often Sherpa leather is referred to as “Faux Shearling” it’s a material made from polyester, acrylic or cotton. It’s gained this name due to its characteristics looking very similar to the genuine Shearling skins as the Sherpa people of Nepal wear, clothing, boots, hats and gloves are all worn by the Sherpa people from Nepal.

Sherpa garments have become very popular over the years as it’s very lightweight compared to that of a Shearling garment. On its own without being a lining inside of another material Sherpa isn’t that fantastic.

Modern Sherpa garments are normally made in several ways and styles, like the outer shell being cotton, denim, faux suede and the inner lining being made from faux Sherpa this combination of material makes a very warm garment, keeping out the elements and the cold weather.

Sherpa leather Lined Jacket

Sherpa Denim Jacket – Faux Sherpa Lining and Outer in Denim


There are many different types of Sherpa leather type of items and qualities. Poor quality faux Sherpa can cause issues, it won’t keep you warm, allows in the wet, and the Sherpa lining will just matt up making it unsightly and unwearable.

Sherpa is not a Shearling item and it’s surprising how many people believe they have a Shearling when in fact they don’t they have a faux Sherpa. A genuine Shearling is made from the Shearling sheep.

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