What is Softening Leather?


Leather Softening

Leather Softening

Leather Softening is a process carried out to soften dried out fragile leather to avoid replacements.

This is particularly popular in the classic car industry and the antique industry where keeping something original is more valuable than replacing with new leathers.

Most people think that softening leather is an almost impossible task, using the correct products it’s simple in fact, Leather Softening Crème is the perfect solution to the problem.

Due to temperature fluctuations this causes Leather car seats to dry out.  During the day and in the height of the hotter months an interior can become extremely hot and then cool right down in some cases rapidly at night-time.

With this repeated action taking place all-natural oils are stiffened and evaporated from the leathers skin.

Furniture can suffer from the exact same effects where the sun shines on the leather. Leather that is placed next to sources of heat will also suffer from dryness and cracking. All types of leather goods suffer, from car seats to luxury leather goods and designer handbags, Garments (Jackets / Clothing), shoes, and trousers all suffer from this type of drying out.

This video will help with any leather softening job you need to carry out.

Softening Crème With Natural Oils To Soften Leather


A: The first stage is to deep clean the leather surface. This will help in the softening process. For the Leather Softening Crème to work, you need to make sure the leather is fully deep cleaned, it may be worth lightly vacuuming off the leather to remove small particles of dirt. You’re advised to use the Leather Cleaner for professional results..

B: Leather Repair Company produces an outstanding Softening Crème with natural Oils. The purpose of this is to aid in the restoration process of old worn dried out and cracked leather. This can be used as a standalone product if you wish without the need to carry out a restoration process as it’s designed with a professional result in mind to soften old, dry leather and can be used just to do that without any further restoration required.

C: You can either apply the Softening Crème to a sponge, allow this to be massaged in or apply directly to the leather and massage in with your hands to ensure it penetrates perfectly every single time.  During this process it’s very important that you massage this Softening Crème in as much as possible moving / flexing the leather to ensure it gets deep down into the dried-out leather poor’s and cracks. This will give a professional result every time making sure it’s covered perfectly.

Applying Leather Softening Creme

Applying Softening Creme

D: If you wanted, for serious cracking on extremely rare objects you can apply an additional generous coating of the Softening crème and allow this to sit on the surface to penetrate over a period of time.

E: Once you’re happy that the leather has been softened sufficiently you can use a damp cloth and wipe over the surface. If you don’t want to remove any products to carry out a restoration process then you can just simply apply the Leather Protection Cream over the top of this, softening the leather even further with this process. If you are restoring the leather, wipe with a damp cloth as above and then clean down with alcohol cleaner.


Leather Softening Creme Applied

Softening Creme Applied

With any softening process massaging the leather is essential. Once the softening crème has worked in you need to massage the leather to ensure the fibres on the reverse of the leather become softer and flexible again, this can be done with your hands or for a more rapid action you can use a leather wheel to massage over the surface of the hide to make it soft and supple once again.

Following the above steps will produce a super soft leather surface once again and with this being natural products and not containing any nasty oils it’s the perfect solution for your leather items.