What Are Spray Guns?


Spray guns are connected to a compressor and work by air flowing through the gun to paints and lacquers onto a leather surface.

There are many forms of spray guns from a pencil style airbrush and a gravity feed air brush to a bottom feed air brush, they come in many sizes and shapes, with needle sizes ranging from 0.1mm to several ml, the best average size for spraying leather colours is 0.5mm to 1ml needle.

The most common sizes used is 0.6 and 0.8 needles

Getting the correct gun for the job is essential, depending on your budgets, this will depend on the quality of finish you gain and how easy it is to gain a good finish.

Smaller airbrushes are great for SMART repairs, but for bigger jobs it can easily clog up and require more regular cleaning out while spraying, delaying the process.

We will show here several different type of spray guns and give our opinions on using them after 4 decades of using many types of spray guns in many industries from car body spraying to UPVc windows, antique furniture restorations to leather.

Some guns are better than others for particular jobs, for instance a steering wheel that’s done while still on the car then a Paasche air brush is the perfect tool for this, it’s an air brush we have used for over 4 decades in spraying small to medium sized repairs on all types of surfaces, from providing training to tattoo artists to nail technicians, to SMART repair companies to marble renovations. When it comes to small minor repairs the Paasche has it covered. It has a needle size of 0.5mm, it’s capable of going down to a 0.1 which is so fine it’s as fine a pencil line.

The Paasche airbrush is small enough to get behind steering wheels yet big and powerful enough to cope with spraying a seat base if required.

For spraying leather seats and sofas, as well as items like UPVc window frames we have found the best guns for this are the Devilbiss Prolite-S-MC1-06-C gravity gun. The most common sizes for these are the .06 or the .08 needle spray guns, these guns allow for multiple adjustments which means you can spray car sears without getting overspray all over the place.



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