What Are Training Courses?


The Leather Repair Company run one of the UKs best known training courses for all types of leather repairs.

The Leather Repair Company are the UKs only dedicated leather repair training centre who are IMI approved.


Trainees working hard doing colour mixing

Trainees working hard on colour mixing

With a training course leather ID and colour mixing are the two hardest parts, this is all addressed on a training course to ensure trainees fully understand leather, how it’s made and how to identify this, along with full colour mixing skills.

learning all about leather ID

Trainees learning all about leather ID

To help with colour mixing the Leather Repair Company have a mobile app on the app store to enable colours to be mixed correctly for all android users and a web-based version for all iOS users making colour mixing simple and easy to carry out.

With any leather repair training course preparation is key to a successful result. Knowing how to prepare all types of leather is important as without the correct training this can end up with a poor finish.

Knowing how to prepare pigmented, waxy pull up and aniline leather leathers to mention a few is essential to produce a result that looks perfect every time.


Leather Preparation

Leather Preparation Process.

Leather preparation is done with an abrasive pad and a product called leather prep, a solvent based liquid designed to remove the old surface colour ready for the new colour to be applied. During this process a great deal of damage to the leather surface is removed fully like cracking and other imperfections.

Once all the preparation works are completed the items is ready for re colouring this is done first by applying an initial sponge coating acting like a primer and then more coats are applied via an airbrush or spray gun.


re colouring leather

Re spraying the leather surface.

Once the re colouring process is completed the final stages are to lightly sand the surface and then to apply sealers. When a clear coat lacquer is applied it normally takes 2 to 3 coats, drying between each coating sprayed on.

trainee with certificate of completion   trainee with a finished job


Trainees having completed the training courses with certification

Once a training course is completed the training doesn’t stop there, the support gained for life is the best in the business with online portals and help guides, continued updates on the training manual and phone and email support.

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