What Are Water Stains On Leather?


Water Stained HandbagWater Stained Handbag

Clean water stains such as condensation from a glass, is easily treated with natural water-based products!

You have a stain because the water drop has dried in the middle of a piece of leather. It has a clear point of demarcation to the rest of the leather.

What you need to do is reduce that point of demarcation by wetting the entire area out to a seam or edge. With natural leather cleaner and a new sponge. Soak the sponge, wring it dry so that the sponge is left damp and starting at the spot dampen the leather and move the sponge to the edges of the leather item.

You can use a foaming bottle with your leather cleaner and apply a foam to the damaged area working the foam into the leather to reduce the stain.

Allowing the moisture to become less and less as you get further from the spot. Do not scrub, just wipe. You do not want to soak the leather just get it damp enough at the stain to release the stain and wet the rest of the leather so that the entire area can dry uniformly across the item rather than in that one spot.

Water that has been split on leather has a tendency to dry leather’s natural “oils” so it is best to clean with a natural leather cleaner and then to condition the leather after getting rid of the stain with “The Leather Protection Cream”. Dirty water, tea, coffee and soda can be treated the same way but may leave its own mark. This type of stain can be removed with an ink and stain remover.

Aniline leather requires a different approach, to remove a stain on aniline leather will require the leather to be made wetter than pigmented leather, you can use an aniline mousse cleaner on aniline leather and work this mousse into the leather this can be worked in by massaging the leather with your hands to try to push the stain through the leather or to bring it out to the top of the aniline leather.

Once the aniline has fully dried out you would protect with a leather protection cream to give the leather nourishment and a protection layer to help avoid this in the future.

This water stained handbag shows how the stain has been removed.

Water Stain Removed

Water Stain Removed

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