What Is A Wolf Fish?


Like its name it sounds ferocious and looks like it also, a mean, angry looking creature from the depths of the seas in the Atlantic oceans. They only live in the colder waters and the blood of this fish have special features which stops it from freezing, a bit like its own built min anti-freeze!


Wolf Fish Teeth


The wolf fish definably lives up to its name. They look like a monster and the teeth that greet you, well they could chew your arm off in one bite!! But don’t be fooled, these fish may look like monsters from the depths of our oceans, but they are very shy fish.


Wolf Fish Skin Close Up


The reason for the very long jaw and razor-sharp teeth is because they eat anything, and everything including all forms of shellfish, the teeth are required to crunch and eat shellfish.

Wolf fish can reach weights of 40kg and get up to 40 inches long, they feed at dusk and dark. Wolf Fish are an essential fish for the oceans, keeping levels of some creatures under control, as sea urchins can become major issues in the oceans, but the wolf fish love them and keep them under control.

Wolf Fish are known for the blue spotted skins, which they adopt only when they become mature fish, people hunt them for the skins to be used as fashion accessories like purses, wallets, belts, handbags, shoes and boots which are all made from the fish of wolf fish skin.


Wolf Fish Open Mouth


The skins are stunning with its blue / grey shades and distinctive spots, making for a very unusual skin for fashion items, as with any skin, care must be taken to ensure its life span is as long as possible.

Regular cleaning with a luxury leather cleaner and then maintained with a protection cream to allow natural oils and natural water-based ingredients to keep the fish skin soft supple and in great shape.


Wolf Fish Boots

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